Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) is a rigorous, challenging course offered at Frisco ISD high schools. This program is designed for academically gifted and high achieving students who are juniors or seniors. It receives weighted credit (5.5 points). Students who want to take ISM go through a selection and application process and are chosen to participate in this exciting, rigorous elective. They select careers or topics of study, and the ISM teacher helps students narrow down and focus this topic of study. Students conduct informational interviews with professionals in this chosen field and from this process, they carefully choose a mentor with whom to work for the remainder of the year (usually second semester). The ISM teacher guides and helps the students with this important interview and mentor selection process. The course includes intense research, original idea generation, original product design, and written analysis of research. Furthermore, the ISM teacher works with the students on professionalism, time management, effective oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, interviewing, resume writing, and goal setting to help prepare these students for success in their mentor ship experience and in life after high school. The ISM teacher follows each student's progress closely, communicates often with mentors, and makes sure each student stays task committed.