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Diya Raman is a junior at Reedy High School in Frisco. She is studying aerospace engineering through the Independent Study and Mentorship program. She is the founder and president of the Paper Airplanes club, an organization that provides free, one-on-one language and skills learning for individuals affected by conflict, supporting them in their educational and employment pursuits, and helping them to rebuild their lives at Reedy High School. Through ISM she is able to dedicate this year to learning more about aerospace engineering and its components which helps her be prepared for the future. 


My mission in the Independent Study Mentorship Program is to continue having an open mind and learning new things; by doing so, I plan to delve deeper into my topic of choice, engineering, by increasing my knowledge in aerospace engineering and learning the complexity of it.


I will strive for greatness because I believe I can, and with that, innovate or create something that I can share with others and at the same time make a difference.


Email: diyars.mail@gmail

LinkedIn: Diya Raman